Loni DBS

  • Packaging / Domacija Vrabci / Playing on the drop form, all labels are die cut to reveal the product behind it. Cheers!

  • Advertising / Eye-catching print campaign launched for the Wimbledon tennis championship.

  • Logos / Powerfull video and audio installations created for the legendary Italian house music deejay.

  • Editorial / EU Goes Greener / Pitch winner of the EURDF Cobraman Brownfield regeneration project.

  • Illustration / Where Music meets Fashion / Distinctive stylish retro illustrations created for HouseNation.

  • Interactive / Coinsence Wash online laundry room / Microsite design for Gorenje SensoCare.

  • Creativity for a dynamic world.
    We are an independent creative agency, specialized in providing dynamic branding, advertising, packaging, illustration, identities and digital design.
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